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ISE Services


We are located in Port Coquitlam, 25 km east of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.  The companies occupy 2 hectares of land, comprising of 3400 square meters of engineering and assembly shops.  The company has a complete facility for the design, fabrication and testing of underwater vehicles, land and space training robotics.
ISE Buildings
The MV Researcher is a twin screw purpose-built trials vessel. She is fitted with a 10 ton lift crane and a 33 x 23 ft. (10 x 7m) hangar used as a workshop.
Researcher Bay
ISE has an in-ground pool which is suitable for preliminary testing of vehicles prior to sea trials. The pool is 41 feet in length, 20 feet wide and 15 feet deep (12.5m x 6m x 4.6m).
ISE Test Tank


  • Quality Assurance
  • We have had a Quality Management System for 30 years. The present system is modeled on the ISO9001:2008 International Standard. A participative style of leadership has been established to involve employees in the decision-making and direction of the quality program with the aim of increasing the employee’s commitment to their work and to the customer. The focus of the program continues to be in improving the level of customer satisfaction and lowering the cost of doing so.
    Learn more about our Quality Assurance Department.

  • On-site Training
  • ISE offers detailed operation and maintenance training on all of its systems. This includes classroom training and training at sea. Training can be done at ISE's facility in Port Coquitlam, or at the customer's facilities. Manuals and associated documentation are provided in English and any other language, at the customer's request. ISE also provides dedicated office space for customers during their stay at ISE.

  • After Sales Support & Spare Parts
  • ISE provides world-wide after-sales support to all of its systems. ISE's highly trained engineers can assist customers with installation and maintenance issues, and will provide extensive on-site operations assistance, if needed. ISE is dedicated to providing the customer with the best solution possible and will support the customer before, during and after the system is built.

    Local Trials & Testing:

    Indian Arm, BCISE's close proximity to the waters off Vancouver give it access to Indian Arm (pictured right). This fjord is a 10 mile (16 km) long body of sheltered water with depths between 90 and 718 feet (27 - 219 meters), making it ideal for testing sub-sea equipment.
    Sea trials requiring deeper water are carried out in Jervis Inlet, a secluded body of water which is approximately 45 miles (72 km) from Vancouver. Here water depths of 2450 feet (747 meters) can be found.