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ISE Consoles

The HYSUB consoles are used for operation and control of the remote vehicle. They are normally located in the Control Van or Module or the Operators Room on the ship or platform.

ISE supplies a number of different console configurations depending on customer preferences and vehicle complexity.



-A Bellypack can be wireless or wired. It provides full on-deck ROV maneuveur ability.

Smaller systems typically have one or two 19" rack consoles. Larger systems have been supplies with up to six consoles.

All consoles typically contain the following components:

  • Power tray with ground fault monitor
  • Telemetry interface tray
  • Pilot joystick tray
  • Control Computer
  • Graphics Monitor
  • Video Monitors
  • Sonar control processor and display
  • Manipulator and tool controls

  • PRMS Console

    The larger control console configurations allow for more video monitors, an additional computer with graphic display and mission specific tooling, instrumentation and navigation equipment. These consoles have the primary video pictures for the Pilot and Navigator displayed on 32 inch monitors. These monitors have been demonstrated to give better 'telepresence' for the ROV Operators.
    The HYSUB Pilot's Console will normally contain a trackball as an operator interface with the Control Computer. This may be used to control some of the ROV Functions such as turning on power to cameras, instrumentation and to change graphic display pages. The computer keyboard is not normally used during operations.

    Typical 19 inch console unit

    Trailblazer Console Unit