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HYSUB 150 Cable Maintenance ROV

150 HP, Cable Maintenance ROV


The HYSUB ATP 150 has been developed for telephone cable maintenance and repair. These vehicles have been built with diving depths ranging from 2000 meters to 2500 meters (6562 to 8202 ft). They are fitted with jetting skid for burial and de-burial of cable. They carry cable cutters and grippers. The vehicle is capable of auto depth, auto heading, auto altitude and auto cable track. Customers for these vehicles include telecommunications, consortiums and the military.


Length: 342.9 cm / 135 inches
Width: 208.3 cm / 82 inches
Height: 195.6 cm / 77 inches excluding skid
Weight in air: 4355 kg. / 9601 lbs.(nominal, excluding skid)
Diving Depth: 1829 m / 6000 ft.
Payload: 364 kg (802 lbs) (nominal)
Structure: 6061-T6 aluminum with 316
stainless steel fixtures
Flotation: Syntactic foam
Variable Ballast: Optional (hard or soft)
Propulsion: Electro-hydraulic (2 x 75 electric HP, 7 hydraulic thrusters)
Thrust: 818 kg (1803 lbs) forward
Power Requirements: 1500 VAC vehicle electronics, 2300 VAC 3-phase electric motors
Control: ISE Advanced Telemetry Control System
Cameras: Up to 6 cameras; Customer's option
Sonar: Two sonars; Customer's option
Lights: 10 x 250 Watt
Manipulators: 2 x 7 function Spatially Correspondent (SC) Magnum Manipulators