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250 HP, Work ROV

The HYSUB ATP 250 is the largest ROV built to date. It is a progenitor for large oil patch work vehicles

Uses include:

  • Deployment of pipeline repair tools
  • Burial of flow lines
  • Heavy salvage
  • Deployment of large loads on the bottom
  • Steering large pilings

This vehicle type can be produced in a variety of mission driven configurations. Current tether designs are for 100 tons breaking. Larger load bearing cables can be designed to meet customer's needs. A small, 10 HP mission assistance vehicle can be deployed from the HYSUB 250 on a 164 ft (50 m) tether. This vehicle weighs 551 lbs (250 kg) and typically has a four function manipulator.


Length: 490.2 cm / 193 inches
Width: 249.9 cm / 98 inches
Height: 249.9 cm / 98 inches
Diving Depth: 1000 m / 3280 ft.
Payload: 3000 kg (6614 lbs) variable (air ballast)
Structure: 6061-T6 aluminum with 316
stainless steel fixtures
Flotation: Syntactic foam
Variable Ballast: Optional (hard or soft)
Propulsion: Electro-hydraulic (12 hydraulic thrusters)
Power: Two, 125 HP, 1200 V, electro-hydraulic power packs
Umbilical: Length 600 m (1969 ft); breaking load 100 T
Control: ISE Advanced Telemetry Control System
Cameras: Customer's option
Navigation: Gyrocompas, depth sensor, imaging sonar
Dredge Pump: 25 HP
Manipulators: 2 x 7 function Spatially Correspondent (SC) Magnum Manipulators

ISE HYSUB 250 with Hysub 10

HYSUB 250 on diplay with hysub 10