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60 HP Heavy Duty Work ROV

This vehicle is a heavy-duty vehicle. Usually, it is worked with armoured tethers although one has used a top-hat type tether management system. Its many uses have included drilling support, platform cleaning, salvage and intervention.



Length: 203.2 cm / 80 inches
Width: 149.9 cm / 59 inches
Height: 149.9 cm / 59 inches
Weight in air: 1772.7 kg. / 3900 lbs.
Diving Depth: 2000 m / 6062 ft.
Structure: 6061-T6 aluminum with 316 stainless steel fixtures
Flotation: Syntactic foam
Variable Ballast: Optional (hard or soft)
Propulsion: Electro-hydraulic (60 electric HP, 6 hydraulic thrusters)
Power Requirements: 480 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 100 kw
Control: ISE Advanced Telemetry Control System
Cameras: Colour, B/W optional; Customer's Option
Sonar: Customer's option
Lights: Customer's Option
Manipulators: 1 X 5 rate, 1 X 7 function Spatially Correspondent (SC) Magnum Manipulators