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ISE Industrial Robotics

ISE has experience with a wide range of Industrial Robotics. The capability derives from ROVs and AUVs. These include;

  • Space training manipulators
  • Nuclear clean up manipulators with pre programmed and teach playback
  • RAD hardened manipulators
  • Shell SmartPump and RALF for the auto industry
  • Mini Mole for Placer Dome
  • Boring Mill for Saskatchewan Potash
  • Auto barge mooring control
  • SAT and Phone link control
  • These projects represent an unequaled diversity of system integrations.


    SmartPump - Autonomous Robotic Automobile Refueling System for Shell Service Stations

    RALF - Robotic Assembly Line Fueling

    ARRS - Autonomous Robotic Refueling System for Rapid Aircraft Turnaround and a highly mobile autonomous robotic system




    ATOM - Autonomous Teleoperated Operations Manipulator for Nuclear Cleanup

    MANFRED - Manipulator for Reactor Defueling


    STM - STEAR Testbed Manipulator System for Space Training and Task Verification