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ISE's TC Kit

Tactical Controller (TC) Kit

The TC Kit transforms the manned boat into an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) via a command link. By selecting the console RC Enable switch, the boat can be operated remotely in manual, autoheading or pattern following mode. The pattern following mode commands the USV to follow a defined course, or head to a target location. These are entered and displayed on a nautical chart on the Master Remote Console (MRC).

The USV uses DGPS to follow the course and sends position updates to the MRC. USV vital signs are also monitored. The open architecture allows for the addition of mission planners, maneuvers such as Williamson turns, rules-of-the road, and standard tactical doctrine.

Tactical Controller Kit - "The Machine"
"The Machine"
Future options include simultaneous coordinated control of multiple vehicles over the command link and transfer of control to secondary consoles. Payload control commands and status updates are available through the telemetry link. Realtime video is available from up to four cameras which are selectable over a single channel. Video feeds can include low light color, infra-red, radar, sonar or other NTSC sources. Radio links for command, control and video are mission driven and selected by the customer. Satcom capability is also available.
ACB TC Kit USV Group
TC Kit Console Set Up