AUV, ROV & subsea solutions since 1974

International Submarine Engineering (ISE) has been a world leader in the design and integration of autonomous & remotely-operated robotic vehicles, terrestrial robotics, and subsea robotic systems for 50 years. ISE specializes in modular systems which can be combined to fit your requirements.

Flexible Services

ISE is able to meet & exceed the requirements of its customers due to the consideration given to modularity, quality, and ease of maintenance throughout all phases of our design and manufacturing processes.

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Innovative Products

ISEs success and long list of technical achievements is attributable to our philosophy of close attention to what our customers want, as well as consideration of future requirements. This mindset enables us to consistently bring innovative and exceptional products to market.
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Who We Are

Since its inception in 1974, ISE has not only introduced some of the first ROV and AUV systems to the market, but has become a regular source of innovation in subsea robotics systems for commercial, scientific, and military clients.

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Need a Solution for a Complex Project?

Our team has evolved a unique skill set for turning concepts into solutions.

International Submarine Engineering
The answer to this belongs to a lot of people. However, if I narrow it down I would say Jim McFarlane Sr, President of ISE in Vancouver. I worked for Jim in the very early days of ROVs. Whilst I had been on manned sub ops for two years, his knowledge of design and concept from first principles has stood me in good stead ever since and has enabled me to develop my own company along these essential parameters.