50 Years of Subsea Innovation: Celebrating ISE’s Milestone Anniversary

Celebrating 50 years of excellence and innovation, International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) is celebrating a significant milestone in its impactful journey in undersea technology. This anniversary not only honors our rich history and legacy but also highlights our ongoing dedication to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement, which have been key to our success. This journey has been one of growth and achievement, and we take pride in reflecting on our past accomplishments while also anticipating the future ahead.

The Legacy of James R. McFarlane

Established in August 1974 by Dr. James R. McFarlane, ISE was founded with the vision to develop, manufacture, and distribute Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). During this period, the offshore service industry primarily relied on manned diving spreads and Human Occupied Vehicles (HOVs) to support subsea oil and gas operations. However, the emergence of high-density electronics and the escalating costs of support vessels in the early 1970s presented an opportunity to create a range of smaller, high-endurance robotic vehicles tailored for various subsea tasks.

Dr. McFarlane drew inspiration from the dramatic rescue of Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman, who were trapped in their small submersible Pisces III at a depth of 480 meters, 240 kilometers off the coast of Ireland in the Irish Sea between August 29th and September 1,1973. The successful rescue, facilitated by the US Navy’s Controlled Underwater Recovery Vehicle (CURV-III), marked a 76-hour multinational effort and remains the deepest sub rescue in history. This historical event was chronicled in the book titled “No Time on Our Side,” further fueling Dr. McFarlane’s determination to pioneer advancements in AUVs and ROVs to get people out of the water while doing subsea work.

Project Highlight: TROV N

ISE originated with the development of the TROV N, a 40HP submarine crafted for the US Navy, capable of diving to depths of 1000 meters. Fitted with manipulators, torpedo clamps, and deburial tools, the TROV N has played a pivotal role in torpedo recovery, accident investigation, and salvage missions along the Pacific Coast. Its achievements laid the foundation for ISE’s modern line of HYSUB ROVs, which is a significant advancement in underwater exploration and technology.

Looking ahead to the next 50 years at ISE

Looking forward, ISE is set to advance further in marine technology. Our XL-AUV vehicles are already in high demand, and we’re improving their flexibility to meet the industry’s needs. Additionally, our Towed Dock solution for subsea charging and data transfer sets us apart in the field.

What about the next 50 years? We anticipate a journey characterized by continuous development, innovation, and adaptability. Through close collaboration with academia, government initiatives, and industry partners, our goal is to extend the limits of what’s possible.

ISE remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge engineering  solutions that exceed expectations and address the evolving challenges of the marine environment. Our commitment to listening to our customers ensures that we continue to meet their needs and drive growth in the industry.

A heartfelt thank you

As we celebrate 50 years of ISE, we extend our sincere thanks to our employees and clients for their loyalty and collaboration. Your support has been vital to our success, shaping our products and guiding our vision. We’re committed to strengthening our partnerships and continuing to innovate. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Here’s to the next 50 years of collaboration, growth, and shared achievements as we continue to chart new horizons together. For more information visit our website: www.ise.com.