Discover Unlimited Range: Surfacing Optional (Video)

This means you can:

  • Collect more data
  • Conduct longer inspections
  • Explore deeper and farther than ever before

“Surfacing Optional”

Our Towed Dock system works perfectly with the Explorer AUV & XL-UUV, allowing reliable and efficient real-time data transmission and charging. This system helps complete offshore missions by enabling high-quality AUV surveys and surveillance without needing to recover the vehicle for charging and data retrieval. The Towed Dock allows your AUV to stay submerged for extended periods while charging and transferring data as needed.


  • Increased Efficiency: No need to resurface means more time spent on data collection 
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduced risk of damage to the AUV during resurfacing
  • Cost-Effective: Extended mission duration reduces the need for multiple deployments

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There are limitless possibilities of underwater exploration with our Explorer AUV & XL-UUV and Towed Dock system. Contact us to learn more about how our innovative solution can transform your subsea operations.

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