International Submarine Engineering and Hedgehog Technologies Enter Partnership to Advance the Marine Industry in British Columbia

Two leading engineering companies, International Submarine Engineering Ltd. and Hedgehog Technologies are pleased to announce a partnership aimed at advancing the marine industry through innovation and sustainability. 

The decision was based on a collaborative history on projects, shared value alignment, and a forward-looking vision for innovation. ISE and Hedgehog Technologies have a history of project collaboration including developing manned and unmanned submersibles. Their combined expertise will join forces to advance British Columbia’s marine sector.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hedgehog,” said Lara Smith, CEO of ISE. “Our values are so aligned that it makes us natural partners, and we believe that our shared experience and history will benefit the marine industry for years to come.”

The partnership will focus on developing new technologies and processes that will increase efficiency, innovation, and improve safety in marine operations. By leveraging their resources, the companies aim to advance subsea technology innovation in British Columbia.

“Aligned with ISE’s late founder, James McFarlane’s vision, this partnership is about continuing to innovate and transform the industry,” said Michael Wrinch, founder of Hedgehog Technologies. “In the spirit of collaboration, we are both united in pushing the boundaries of marine technology.

The two companies are positioned to make a significant impact in BC’s marine sector while paving the way for a sustainable future. For more information about the partnership, please contact International Submarine Engineering or Hedgehog Technologies. 

About International Submarine Engineering Ltd. 

ISE, based just outside Vancouver, Canada, was founded in 1974 and designs and manufactures advanced underwater systems and terrestrial robotics. ISE has delivered hundreds of subsea vehicles of various types, over 400 robotic manipulators to more than 20 countries, and assisted in a multitude of additional projects for customers the world over.

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About Hedgehog Technologies

Hedgehog Technologies is an award-winning electro-mechanical engineering firm specializing in risk management. For over two decades, Hedgehog has gained experience in the conception, design, and installation of complex systems. They have a strong reputation for providing the highest level of quality products and services, with a dedication to customer satisfaction.

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