May 01, 2007

Ventana Completes 3000 Dives!

MBARI’s Ventana successfully completed 3000 dives. The Ventana is a HYSUB 40 built by ISE in 1987. Ventana supports research programs across a broad range of science discipline’s in both the pelagic and benthis environments.

Dec 15, 2006


ISE Ltd. and IFREMER, Toulon, France share in the successful conclusion of sea acceptance tests with IFREMER’s second 3000 meter autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) built by ISE. Following Factory Acceptance Tests in Vancouver, BC, the vehicle was air-shipped in late November and began Sea Acceptance Testing on December 6th. Testing was successfully concluded on December 6 with a dive to 2,450 metres off Saint Tropez. ISE to conduct the design and engineering work on a new Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Platform.