Michael D. Macdonald

(Executive Vice President, Emeritus)

Mr. Macdonald was involved in the technical and administrative management, as well as the marketing of ISE’s manned submersible, ROVs, and robotic projects. Since 1997 he has acted as program manager, lead trials pilot, and lead systems engineer for many of ISE’s projects.

Mr. Macdonald came to ISE in 1977 after a nine year history with HYCO Subsea Ltd. as chief pilot, supervisor, project engineer, marketing, and engineering manager. He was the President of ISE Gulf in Houston, Texas from 1978 to 1981.

Mr. Macdonald has been a member of the American Bureau of Shipping advisory committee on underwater systems and vehicles for over 20 years. He has helped develop the current rules for the classification of submersibles and has taken a principle role in two manned submersible rescue operations. Mr. Macdonald has also served as President of the Deep Submersible Pilot’s Association. Mr. Macdonald holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) from the University of Alberta.

From 1968 to 1976 Mr. Macdonald was a pilot, instructor, technical manager, project engineer, and engineering manager for International Hydrodynamics Co Ltd. (HYCO), and its subsidiary HYCO Subsea Ltd. During this time Mr. Macdonald played key roles in all aspects of sub-sea engineering, operations, and marketing. Responsibilities included: submersible pilot during numerous commercial operations; pilot/instructor responsible for crew training operations and project engineer during the construction of Pisces II, III, IV, V, and SDL-1; testing of Pisces V to 5,000 feet; the rescue of Pisces III off Ireland in 1973; engineering manager during the construction of Pisces VI, VII, VIII, and IX.

Mr. Macdonald was also responsible for the marketing of submersible services in the Gulf of Mexico. In this function he was solely responsible for the introduction of HYCO submersibles to the Offshore Petroleum Industry in the western world.

Education: B.Sc. (Physics) 1961, University of Alberta, Edmonton.