Ifremer Orders Second Explorer AUV

IFREMER, the French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea, has ordered a second AUV from Cybernetix S.A. of France and International Submarine Engineering of Canada. The first IFREMER order was delivered in February of 2004 and is seen being prepared for operations in the photograph. Two additional AUVs of this class are under construction; one to the University of Southern Mississippi and the other to Memorial University of Newfoundland.

These AUVs are of the ISE Explorer class. These Explorers are 4.5 meters long with a diameter of 0.687 meters and weigh 750 kilograms. They are capable of diving to depths of 3000 meters. The modular design of the AUV permits easy re-configuration of the vehicle for a variety of applications and missions. In the same context, open architecture software avoids legacy problems and allows the operator to adapt the behavior of the vehicle to meet new requirements.

Explorer is a family of vehicles. To facilitate establishing the characteristics of vehicles to meet specific needs ISE has developed a Design Engine; “Quick Design”. To access Quick Design go the Products Section of the ISE website and then to the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle section. Follow the prompts to the Quick Design area. Then design your own AUV or perform trade off analysis.