Innovative Solutions

International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) has been designing systems for subsea applications for over 4 decades. In this time, ISE has completed many “first” and set several records, including: the first commercial ROV in the North Sea in 1975; the first manipulator on a commercial ROV in 1976; the ISE ROV TREC ended the practice of divers performing walking inspections of pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico in 1979; the first subsea blowout inspection on the Ixtoc-1 in 1979; the first Semi Submersible Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) ISE DOLPHIN in 1981 developed for military applications; the first hydrographic survey by an ISE AUV in 1984; the first demonstration of OAS by an ISE AUV in 1986; the first AUV survey ever done in 1982; followed by the longest AUV mission under the ice with the ISE THESEUS AUV in 1998. At 1.27 metres in diameter and 10.7 metres in length, the ISE THESEUS is still the world’s largest AUV.


Despite the aforementioned innovations in the typical subsea marine markets we operate in, ISE has been called on to provide customized solutions on numerous occasions to overcome unusual challenges, both commercial and covert, outside our standard subsea marine offerings, demonstrating our comfort with challenging and unconventional requirements. Some notable developments are:

  • RMS – the Remote Minehunting System, a combination of ISE Semi Submersible and ISE Aurora Towfish with interchangeable sensor arrays
  • SmartPumpTM – a gas station for refueling passenger cars for the Shell Oil Company
  • SPDM Testbed Manipulator – Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Robotic Arm Manipulator Training Station
  • PRMS – the Pressurized Rescue Module System for US Navy Submarine emergency evacuation
  • Vulcan Private Submersible – a ten passenger American Bureau of Shipping certified submersible rated to 365 metres


ISE will continue to embrace the challenges inherent with the ongoing rapid developments in the marine industry to “think outside the box” and provide cost effective, reliable, and innovative solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for future innovations from our R&D team.