Theseus AUV

Mission Adaptable AUV

ISE commenced development of the Theseus AUV, another in a long line of advanced robotic systems, under contract with the Canadian Department of National Defence as part of the joint US-Canada Spinnaker project.

The requirement driving the development of Theseus was the laying of long lengths of fiber-optic cable under the Arctic ice pack. The project was successfully completed with two deployments to the Artic with the second culminating in the laying of several 220 km cables in 600 meter water depths under a 2.5 meter thick ice pack, establishing an AUV endurance record of over 60 hours – all under ice.


Configurable Sensor Suite and Payload

The pressure hull payload bay and sensor suite of the Theseus AUV are configurable and can be adapted or replaced with new modules designed to support a wide variety of missions and tasks. The large payload bay of the vehicle is ideal for the storage and launching of a number of smaller AUVs. The variable ballast system in the vehicle also enables it to be “parked” on the bottom for extended periods of time until it is awakened by external signal or at a programmed predetermined time.

The Theseus AUV, in storage at ISE, is owned by The Canadian Department of National Defence and is available for charter.