Explorer AUV

Modularity and Ease of Maintenance

The Explorer class of AUV is a modular vehicle comprising a forward free-flooding section, full diameter pressure hull and a free flooding aft section. It is engineered for longevity and upgradeability and can be easily configured to meet new requirements. It is available in several configurations dependant on depth requirements from 300 m to 6000 m.


Ease of Sensor Integration

Explorer AUV systems and payload sensors can be customized at any time throughout the vehicle’s life. The wet payload can include, but is not limited to Side-Scan Sonar, Multibeam Echo-Sounder and Sub-Bottom Profiler, CTD, Camera, and Chemical Sensors, all of which can operate concurrently. Payload data is easily accessible though high-speed Ethernet connections.

Variable ballast, parking, and sampling systems are available as advanced payloads if required.

EXPLORER AUV – A Most Capable Product

The Explorer AUV is renowned for its low operating costs, flexibility and exceptional unsupervised long-range capability. An ISE manufactured Explorer AUV completed more than 10 days of continuous under ice operations in the Artic, covering more than 1000 km of continuous unsupervised surveying with charging and data transfer taking place below the ice.

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The modularity of the system makes it ideal for standard scientific monitoring while the ease of customization allows the Explorer to meet and exceed more specific operational requirements from Oil & Gas and Naval end users. The Explorer AUV has been well received by the international scientific community as an extremely capable vehicle and stable sensor platform with Ifremer in France taking delivery of 2 systems. An Explorer was also delivered to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency in the USA (NOAA) and is jointly operated by the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Mississippi. Memorial University of Newfoundland, the University of Bremen, Natural Resources Canada, and Fukada Salvage & Marine Works Co., Ltd. have also taken delivery of Explorer AUVs. Several international Coast Guard customers have also procured the Explorer AUVs due to the versatility and operational flexibility of the advanced design.