Aurora Towfish

Aurora is an actively stabilized Towfish that can accommodate a variety of wet and dry payloads.

The Aurora Towfish has been in production over the last few years and has been delivered to military customers. ISE has incorporated lessons learned to further develop the Aurora Towfish to account for challenges on the horizon. The vehicle design is modular, allowing the hull to accommodate wet and dry payloads of varying sizes. ISE has designed the Aurora Towfish with a large, actively controlled main wing to control depth. The large downforce created by the wing reduces the cable scope and layback, particularly with unfaired cables, enhancing the positional accuracy of the Towfish. Active tail planes control Towfish attitude and stability. A mounting rail for sonar arrays is fitted to the bottom of the Towfish making it possible to accommodate a broad number of sonars. The Aurora Towfish is designed to operate at speeds of up to 12 knots.