Route Survey

International Submarine Engineering Ltd (ISE) has a long history of providing systems for route survey application which includes the Route Survey Service Life Extension (RSSLE) program as well as the Remote Mine-hunting and Disposal Systems for the Canadian Navy. The latter incorporates the ISE Dorado Semi Submersible and the ISE Aurora Towfish, while the former deploys the ISE Aurora Towfish.  The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) uses the ISE Aurora Towfish for route survey application and missions from the Maritime Coast Defence Vessels (MCDVs).


The versatility of the ISE systems was evident on the world stage during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, as the RCN deployed the ISE Dorado Semi Submersible, along with the ISE Aurora Towfish to conduct route survey and route security operations in Vancouver harbour as part of the security measures required for the games.

The ISE Aurora Towfish can be deployed from military ships, Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs), or the ISE Dorado Semi Submersible, and can carry interchangeable payloads down to a depth of 200m to perform route survey missions at up to 12 knots.  The ISE Aurora Towfish provides the highest degree of sensor interchangeability and modularity by providing a payload mounting rail and a simple power and communications interface to facilitate the swapping of payloads within a timeframe measured in minutes. As well, the ISE Aurora Towfish has an active main depressor wing and 4 active control planes which allow it to maintain a constant altitude or depth to ensure optimal operating conditions for any survey payload.

The ISE Dorado Semi Submersible is a highly efficient unmanned tow vehicle and sensor platform for route survey.  It has a minimal radar cross section and can be operated in both remote and fully autonomous modes and can be supervised and operated with either over the horizon radio systems or via satellite.

The ISE Trailblazer MCM ROV high speed intervention ROV operated as the Bottom Object Inspection Vehicle (BOIV) by the RCN allows for inspection and disposal tasks once targets have been identified.

ISE is able to offer a complete route survey family of vehicles from autonomous operations and detection to inspection and disposal.  This allows unparalleled commonality and compatibility in the mission control and user interface design which allows for reduced training time and complexity which is ideal for military and coast guard customers who experience routine crew and operator turnover.