AUVs such as the ISE Explorer are ideally suited for many types of surveillance applications as they are able to remain submerged and undetected for extended periods of time.  Additionally, they are ideal as resident vehicles on the ocean floor because they are able to dock to seafloor nodes, where data transfer  and charging take place, and are able to monitor an operational radius around one or multiple nodes.  Alternatively, AUVs can be silently parked in hostile areas and hibernate to extend battery life until an event is detected or until they are programmed or commanded to return to the safety of a surface ship.  Hibernating on the ocean floor can also allow AUVs to provide periodic surface and subsurface monitoring without the need for onsite infrastructure or human intervention.  An additional advantage is that AUVs can transit to and from operational areas in near silence.


ISE has established itself domestically and internationally by developing AUVs and subsea technology for confidential surveillance projects. ISE’s first surveillance project was the development of Theseus AUV in the early 90’s.  Since then, ISE has remained at the leading edge of surveillance AUV programs with confidential AUV builds and technological development for both domestic and international customers.

ISE has built AUVs with a range of more than 1000 nautical miles without human intervention and which can remain submerged for months when fitted with an extended battery compliment. While on station, ISE AUVs can perform a variety of listening and observational tasks using acoustic, chemical, and optical payloads.  ISE has also delivered AUVs which are able to dock to subsea charging stations and use parking and variable ballast systems to allow them to remain parked on the ocean floor for extended periods of time.

AUVs are the cutting edge of subsea and costal surveillance with applications in ship traffic monitoring, sovereignty patrols, port and harbour monitoring, monitoring for illegal dumping and smuggling, as well as covert operations.  ISE has over 25 years of experience in AUV surveillance programs and is able to leverage that unique experience to provide customized surveillance platforms for almost any marine application.