International Submarine Engineering is one of few marine technology companies worldwide that is able to draw on 4+ decades of subsea marine and robotics engineering.


ISE’s experience and capability with robotics derives from our vast experience delivery advanced AUVs, which are in essences robotic systems, ROV systems as well as the ISE provided tooling, manipulators, and components. ISE has supplied a large number of robotic systems and associated tooling and manipulators for land, marine and space applications to customers worldwide and continues to develop this capability to meet the requirements for future applications. ISE’s project history includes a wide range of Industrial Robotics of which the following are examples:

  • Space training manipulators
  • STM – STEAR Testbed Manipulator System for Space Training and Task Verification
  • Nuclear clean up manipulators with pre programmed and teach playback
  • ATOM – Autonomous Teleoperated Operations Manipulator for Nuclear Cleanup
  • MANFRED – Manipulator for Reactor Defueling
  • RAD hardened manipulators
  • Mini Mole for Placer Dome
  • Boring Mill for Saskatchewan Potash
  • Auto barge mooring control